Flexiweb CMS - Website and Content Management System

FlexiWeb is a highly versatile, database driven, website management system, that allows designers and developers to cost-effectively create highly functional websites and web applications.

Website Development and Management System

Unlike many open source CMS platforms, Flexiweb provides a single interface to create and manage all your websites. As well as it being an online content management system allowing your clients to update their own websites, it is also an online development platform.

Modular Functionality

Flexiweb includes a range of "bolt-on" functionality modules that can be added to a website quickly, easily and at minimal cost. Each module is a small database application that requires no database programming knowledge to configure and integrate as part of a website development project.

Easy Design to Web process

This process provides  an import routine that allows a design created in Photoshop to be automatically setup as a fully functioning XHTML websites.

Combined with the Flexiweb functionality modules, this means graphic designers , with little or no coding knowledge, can now easily and quickly create powerful website solutions.

Online Content Management

Flexiweb allows your clients to update their website anywhere in the world using an internet connected PC. Anyone able to use software like MS Word will find it easy to make regular changes to their website.

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 We really appreciate the work and commitment you guys are putting in .... we have seen a real breakthrough in our business over the last few months and Flex 4 is an integral part of what we are doing.

Steve Murray - Atholl Technologies